ICT is the Future

Escola Profissional Espinho

CEPROF, owner of the Vocational School of Espinho, is partner of the European Project ICT is the Future, which will be developed for two years, along with partners from Germany and Italy.

The main aim of the project is the improvement of digital education taking into account the five areas of competences defined by the DIGCOMP framework (information, communication, content creation, safety and problem solving) and the improved integration of refugees and migrants in vocational education in the area of ICT and the Industry 4.0.

The results of the project consist of the transferability and exchange of good practices on:

  • supporting the strengthening of key competences of disadvantaged groups;
  • target-group-specific competence testing procedures;
  • certified qualification in ICT;
  • vocational training of refugees and migrants.

ICT is the Future – KA202

Integration through Competence Testing and Training
Erasmus +
Strategic Partnerships for VET
2018-1-DE02-KA202- 005212

Zentrum Arbeit Und Umwelt Giessener Gemeinnutzige Berufsbildungsgesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung (Germany – Coordinator)

AICS – Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (Italy)

CEPROF – Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional, Lda (Portugal)