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CEPROF is partner of the Robots & SMEs European Project, which will be implemented from 2019 to 2021. The partnership includes partners from Slovakia, Ireland, Bulgaria and United Kingdom.

The project aims at accomplishing the following main objective:
• Develop a series of training and support tools for SME managers to enable them to assess the value of robots to their business development and sustainability and then effectively introduce them.

The project will produce the following main results:
• Benchmarking: examples of the introduction robotics/AI in SMEs in Europe;
• Analytical activities: a Europe-wide survey to determine the issues faced by SME managers
when considering the introduction of robots/AI into their organisation and make
recommendations as to what strategies they need to adopt to gain the best advantage from their introduction;
• Best Practice Guide for SME Managers: the issues addressed will include (i) the initial
financial impact on the business, (ii) the impact on the existing workforce, (iii) the impact on productivity, good practice and other issues;
• Information Exchange Platform: a Platform that SME Managers can use to discuss issues of interest with other SMEs and where the Analysis Review Report, interactive self-assessment tools, Best Practice Guide will reside.


Robots & SMEs

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EU15 Limited (United Kingdom)

CEPROF – Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional, Lda (Portugal);

Unseen Pro Ltd. (Bulgaria)

Slovak Business Agency (Slovakia)

4Civility Institute, Ireland Limited (Ireland)