Escola Profissional Espinho

The Vocational School of Espinho is partner in the European Project Rotena, which will be developed in two years with partners from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria and Slovenia.

The overall aim of the project is using Robotics and 3D printing to motivate the students for the New Age Technology revolution.

The final product will be the development of a programme of introduction to Robotics and 3D printing that will enable young people to develop skills in these areas.

The outcomes of the project are:
Benchmarking: implementing desk based work on available basic robotics/3D printing training.
Analytical activities: carrying out a European survey and data collection activity on the use and value of robotic and 3D printing training and identifying good practice.
Training activities: developing training modules to be used by training institutions with the expectation that they will adapt/modify the modules to their required needs and add to existing training programmes already available.
Mutual learning, exchange of good practice, cooperation: Promoting good practices of training at a European level.


See the project page here:
Robotics – Training for the New Age


Strategic Partnerships for VET



EU15 Limited (United Kingdom)

Ovar Forma – Ensino e Formação, Lda. (Portugal)

E.N.T.E.R. GMBH (Austria)

CEPROF – Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional, Lda. (Portugal)

SMEBOX AB (Sweden)