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CEPROF is partner of the TSITour European Project from 2019 to 2021, which will have partners from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

The project has six objectives:
• Create a training module on “Project Development for Social Inclusion and Valorisation of People with Special Needs of Social Assistance” for VET students in the field of social care and welfare;
• Develop hard and soft skills of VET students to create and implement projects and activities for Social Inclusion and Valorisation;
• Better prepare the VET students to address the challenges at the work place, with focus on the people under need of social assistance;
• Increase the notoriety of VET in the field of care and welfare;
• Use tourism and the elderly under need of social assistance as departure points to transform the tourism industry and the approach to social assistance, by valorising the
elderly as voluntary Local Storytellers for the tourism industry;
• Increase the number of social inclusion tools and its beneficiaries.

The final results will be:
• 1 VET module on Project Development for Social Inclusion using the tourism sector as
case study;
• Constitution of a pool of elderly people voluntary Local Storytellers.
• 1 training tool to help the workers of social areas to implement Inclusion dynamics / plans.
• Development of professional and soft skills (complex problem solving, critical thinking,
creativity, people management, coordinating with others and emotional intelligence) of VET trainees for the implementation of projects for social Inclusion.
• Dissemination of good practices in the institutions where the pilot testing activities are conducted;
• Valorisation of the immaterial knowledge of the elderly participants;
• Increase of the social Inclusion tools and of its beneficiaries;
• Enhancement of the local tourism packages by Inclusion of the social dimension of the
Local Storytellers;
• 1 Publication with the methodology applied during the project lifetime that will guide
other institutions, including from other areas, in the implementation of projects for social Inclusion.

TSITour – KA202

Training on Social Inclusion in Tourism by Including Ekderly People as Local Story-tellers for the Tourism Industry

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